The Nashua Youth Soccer League (NYSL) is a recreational, non-profit, volunteer organization that teaches basic soccer skills to children between the ages of 5 and 19 years old. It has been serving the Nashua area 40 years!

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Nashua Youth Soccer League

Travel Program

Coach / Player / Parent Agreement


Welcome to the Nashua Youth Soccer League (NYSL) Travel Program. It is important that coaches, players and parents understand the philosophy, expectations, rules and policies of the NYSL Travel Program, as outlined in the following pages. A signed copy of this document must be on file for all players who commit to play for the NYSL Travel Program.



    1. Opportunity: Give young players an opportunity to play soccer at the next competitive level above recreational soccer and offer this opportunity with a cost as low as possible.

     2. Skills development: Improve the overall skill level of all players.  This is accomplished by training of our parent volunteer coaches, use of certified trainers, and additional training and playing opportunities.


    General Information

    NYSL Travel competes in the New Hampshire Soccer League (NHSL), under the New Hampshire Soccer Association (NHSA) and will follow the rules of US Youth Soccer, including calendar-year age divisions.  Each season will consist of 8 regular season games, play-offs for the competitive divisions, and a tournament. (Memorial Day Tournament in the spring and Columbus Day tournament in the fall).  Half of the regular season games are played in Nashua and half are away.  Most of our opponents are from nearby towns with in an hour drive, but there is the potential to play against teams further away.

    The league year consists of both a fall and spring season. It is expected that players will play in both seasons. Teams practice twice a week starting in Late August for the fall Season and April for spring season.  However additional, preseason practices, clinics, trainings, and other team development events may occur.  The registration fees for NYSL travel are higher than our rec program, but still significantly lower than other travel programs offered in the area. In order for our travel teams to compete at the next competitive level, the coaches have received licenses through U.S Youth Soccer. In addition, we will also supplement training with professional trainers. 

    Players are evaluated during a try-out and assigned to a team based on skill level, attitude, and potential team chemistry. Unfortunately, not all players will be assigned to a travel team.  Players invited to a travel team must be committed to the team and act accordingly at all times.  Remember there are players not invited to a team, that may have been fully committed to NYSL Travel.




    Player Expectations

    • Respect for teammates, coaches, referees, parents and opponents at all times.

    • High level of commitment and dedication for training sessions, games, and practicing on their own.

      (Indoor soccer in the winter and summer camps are separate programs from travel. We encourage both of these programs, but they are not required for NYSL Travel, not participating in these programs will not jeopardize one’s status on the travel team.)

    • Be on time for training and games (30 minutes prior for games or as specified by coach).

    • Attend trainings, practices, and games.  Includes sessions run by the certified trainer and the practice run by the volunteer coaching team.  Failure to attend at least 90% of program could jeopardize one’s status for the following season.

    • Give 100% effort each time they walk on the field – training and games.

    • Take care of your own equipment and the fields you play on, (i.e. pick up trash even if it’s not yours)

    • Focus is on developing one’s own skills.


    Parent/Guardian Expectations

    • Respect for all players, coaches, referees, other parents, and opponents at all times.

    • Commitment to ensure players are on time for training sessions, games, and practices

    • Parents are required to act in an orderly manner when attending any NYSL travel game or event.

    • Do not coach player from the sidelines. Let the coaches do their jobs.

    • Encourage and acknowledge good play and effort by both teams.

    • Avoid negative or overly critical comments.

    • Respect the referee’s decisions at all times and be a role model for your child.

    • Understand that player development is a priority over winning.


    Coach Expectations

    • Only coaches on Roster and submitted to NHSL may be on sidelines during games.

    • Lead by example for team commitment, sportsmanship, and team spirit.

    • Adhere to NHSA Coach’s Code of Ethics

    • Be consistent in carrying out the NYSL Travel’s philosophy.

    • Be on time for games and training sessions.One of the coaches should be the first one on and the last one off the pitch.

    • Player development is Job #1. The coach will work hard to not only grow the skills of his/her players – but to grow them as individuals capable of understanding and participating in the larger game in which we live. Youth soccer should always focus on the development of the players as well as be fun.

    • Be responsive and available to parents, players, NYSL board members, other NYSL teams, and NHSL for questions, comments, and general communication needs.

    • Be knowledgeable of the game and NHSL rules and US Youth Soccer Player development Initiatives.

    • Perform administrative duties as instructed by NHSL, NHSA, or NYSL to include by not limited to maintain team and player profiles in got soccer, reporting home game scores to NHSL, maintaining player cards and rosters.




    PLAYING TIME: Playing Time is at the sole discretion of the coach. Many factors will go into the decision – talent/skill of the player as well as attitude, behavior, practice/game attendance and timeliness, practice/game performance as well as the importance of the game (e.g. tournament final verses a friendly) and the current score.  NYSL follows US youth guidelines for playing time.  All players will play a minimum of 50% of each game.  (Playing time may be reduced by the coach due to infringement of this agreement as well as other disciplinary factors by recommendation of the coach and approval by NYSL Director of Travel and/or NYSL disciplinary committee

    PLAYER POSITIONS: Player Positions –All players must be agreeable to play multiple positions at the sole discretion of the coach.  At the 7v7 level players will be expected to play multiple positions, the club’s primary focus is to develop players, so positions will be rotated with a goal of giving all players a chance to try all positions throughout the season. On competitive age teams (9v9) players may begin to have primary positions, however players will still have the opportunity and be expected to play multiple positions. 

    TEAM ASSIGNMENTS: Team Assignments – All players will be assigned after tryouts. However, based on development stage of player and fit within that team, the coach may designate a player to another appropriate team within the club when both coaches & Director of Travel agree the move will improve a) the player’s individual development and b) competitiveness of at least one of the affected team. There is no guarantee any player will be assigned to a team for a given number of seasons.

    COACHES: Coaches to include head coach and assistant coaches are assigned to each team by the Director of Travel, with input from the NYSL Board. Decisions are made based upon what is right for the League, the teams, and the players. There is no guarantee that coaches will be involved with a particular team for a given number of seasons with any team or any player will be assigned to a coach for a given number of seasons


    COMMUNICATION: Head coaches are responsible to ensure they are communicating to their team.  The head coach may defer this responsibility to an assistant coach or team manager.  However, it is still the responsibility of the head coach to ensure that players are informed of all needed items. Communication is primarily conducted via email. Please ensure your coach(es) have the correct E-mail(s) for you. Emails should be used to distribute factual information; they should not be used to air problems or to express opinions.


    For urgent time sensitive information, a text message or telephone call is the preferred means of sending urgent messages.   Please ensure you coach has the best phone number to call and text.

    PROBLEM RESOLUTION: All parents and players should feel free to communicate with the coach and ask questions, but should do so only at the appropriate time and in the proper place. Under no circumstances will dissatisfied parents approach the coach immediately after a game. Players are encouraged to speak up and communicate for themselves as much as possible. Coaches are expected to communicate openly, honestly, and professionally with players about their progress. The Travel Program encourages player-coach or player-parent-coach conferences as appropriate times during the year.


    If a problem arises that a player and/or parent feel must be resolved, the Club has a policy that suggests how to effectively address the issue. All parents are to observe the “The 24-Hour Rule”: Give one full day before initiating communications with coaches, the Director of Travel, or NYSL Board members. (It is amazing how much simpler a problem may seem after taking a day or two to consider.) After waiting, if the problem still needs to be addressed, players and/or parents should:


    • Discuss the problem with their coach. If not resolved, then...

    • Discuss with the Directors of Travel. If not resolved, then...

    • Discuss with the NYSL Chair.


    FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS: The Travel Program bases its fees on a budget that is developed on an annual basis and approved by the NYSL board. Each player registering to the Travel Program assumes the following financial obligation:

    • Non-refundable registration fee paid through NYSL Website: Must be paid at the time of acceptance/registration. (If you need assistance with paying at time of registration.Please reach out to the director of Travel)

    • Uniform/Kit (two jerseys, shorts, and socks) through partnered vendor of NYSL Travel

    • Personal equipment, include but not limited to shin guards, soccer cleats, and mouth guard (recommended for all, required for those with braces)

    • Personal Travel: expense to/from soccer events.


    Most minor violations of the Coach / Player / Parent Agreement should be resolved through the team coaches and Directors of Travel. Serious or unresolved violations should be reported initially to the NYSL Chair who will then involve the Discipline Committee, if deemed necessary. The Discipline Committee will review the situation and determine what action, if any, may be appropriate.


    If action is necessary, the available options range from a caution or warning, to requiring a personal apology, probation, suspension from playing or attending games as the case might be, or as a final step, expulsion from the NYSL Travel Program. A player subject to expulsion will not be entitled to a refund of any NYSL Travel Program fees paid by them to the club.


    As a member of the NYSL Travel Program, you are responsible for your own actions, and will be held accountable for same.


    We are committed to making a positive impact on this team and will fulfill the above expectations.