The Nashua Youth Soccer League (NYSL) is a recreational, non-profit, volunteer organization that teaches basic soccer skills to children between the ages of 5 and 19 years old. It has been serving the Nashua area 40 years!

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Travel Games this Weekend

Teams are identifed by gender (boys/girls/coed) and birth year, so B2011 is the boys team on which the oldest players were born in 2011. Home fields are abbreviated MD1 for Main Dunstable field 1 and MF2 for Mines Falls field 2.

This week, we have our final games of the regular season. It goes by so fast. After this weekend, we have a number of 9v9 and 11v11 teams advancing to the playoffs next weekend. Here is the schedule:

6/4 11:45 G2011 visiting Bedford

6/4 12:30 B2013G visting Hampshire United

6/4 1PM B2012 hosting Hampshire United at MD4A

6/4 1:15 B2013Y hosting Hollis at MD4B

6/4 2PM B2014Y visiting Merrimack

6/4 2:15 G2012/13 hosting Merrimack at MD4A

6/4 2:30 B2014 G hosting Auburn at MD4B

6/4 2:30 B2009 hosting ISC at MD1 (a win will secure 2nd; ISC needs the win to make the playoffs)

6/4 4PM B2011Y visiting Goffstown (trying to complete an undefeated season)

6/4 4PM G2010/11 hosting Windham at MF3

6/4 4:15 B2007/08 hosting Bedford at MD1

6/4 6:15 G2008 hosting Hampshire United at MD1 (needing a win to make the playoffs)

6/5 10:25 B2014Y visiting Londonderry

6/5 1PM B2011G hosting Pelham at MF3 (win or tie secures 2nd place in the division)

6/5 1:15 B2012 visiting Auburn

6/5 2:30 B2010 hosting Windham at MF3 (needing a win to make the playoffs)


I hope everyone has a great weekend and, for those teams whose season ends this weekend, I look forward to seeing you back on the field in the fall.