The Nashua Youth Soccer League (NYSL) is a recreational, non-profit, volunteer organization that teaches basic soccer skills to children between the ages of 5 and 19 years old. It has been serving the Nashua area 40 years!

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10.1              ARTICLE I - NAME


10.1.1                     The name of the organization shall be the NASHUA YOUTH SOCCER LEAGUE, an independent New Hampshire Non-Profit Corporation organized under the provisions of NH RSA 292:2, as amended.


10.1.2                     The headquarters of this organization shall be in the city of Nashua, New Hampshire.


10.1.3                     The mailing address of this organization shall be the Nashua Youth Soccer League, Post Office Box 247, Nashua, New Hampshire 03061-0247.


10.1.4                     The Operating Committee shall, prior to July 1st of each year, determine and vote upon the organization(s) which NYSL shall affiliate with for the coming year.



10.2              ARTICLE II - PURPOSE


10.2.1                     The purpose of this organization is to provide the opportunity to play soccer to all children in the Nashua area, who wish to play soccer.


10.2.2                  This organization operates on the principles of sportsmanship, fair play, adherence to the rules of soccer and healthy competition.


10.2.3                      This organization shall maintain a recreational philosophy with all members of this organization serving the greater good of the league.



10.3              ARTICLE III - MEMBERSHIP


                                    Membership in this organization shall be divided in two categories: PARTICIPATING MEMBER and VOTING MEMBER


10.3.1                     PARTICIPATING MEMBER: Participating membership is open to all youth who exhibit a sincere interest in the sport of soccer and who become a registered player pursuant to the rules and regulations of this organization. No youth may participate (practice or game) in any NYSL sponsored activities until his/her formal application is received and processed by the duly elected Director of Registration (Registrar) or his/her designated representative. No other representative of the league has the authority to accept and/or register a player.


10.3.2                     VOTING MEMBERS: A voting member is the coach or other designated representative of each team within the Nashua Youth Soccer League


10.3.3                  RIGHT TO VOTE: Voting members shall have the right to vote. Those members entitled to vote shall do so in person or through an individual to act as proxy. Proxy must be made in writing and signed by the voting member so assigning the proxy. An assignment of proxy must be accepted by the secretary of the organization prior to the opening of the meeting at which the voite is to occur.




10.3.4                     Any member may be discharged from league duties as well as all league representation by a two-thirds vote of the Operating Committee, upon due notice, for conduct inconsistent with the purpose of the league as set forth in Article II, but only after a thorough investigation has been made and an opportunity for defense has been given.





10.4.1                     The officers of this organization shall be a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer. These officers shall constitute the Executive Committee. No member of the Executive Committee shall be an officer in another youth soccer playing organization. Any vacancy that occurs in one of these offices, for any reason, shall be filled as prescribed in Article VI, Section 6. These officers shall be elected by the voting membership as prescribed in Article IV, Section 10.


10.4.2                     CHAIRPERSON: The Chairperson shall be the chief executive and the presiding officer of this organization. He/she shall preside, when present, at all meetings of this organization, shall appoint committees as and when needed, and shall in general perform such duties as is customary for presiding officers. He/she shall have the power to call meetings of the organization. He/she may, subject to the approval of the Operating Committee, sign contracts and make agreements on behalf of the organization.


10.4.3                     VICE-CHAIRPERSON: The Vice-Chairperson must have served for at least one year as an operating committee member before he/she may be elected as Vice-Chairperson.   The Vice-Chairperson shall assume the duties of the Chairperson in the latter’s absence. He/she shall function as parliamentarian at all meetings of this organization.


10.4.4                     SECRETARY: The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the proceedings of all meetings of this organization, certify official records, maintain a list of names and addresses of all members, and issue notice of meetings. He/she shall also conduct the correspondence of the organization. He/she shall also maintain a copy of all business correspondence formally developed, received, or transmitted by the NYSL. The Secretary will maintain and retain the most current, approved and dated copy of the NYSL By‑Laws and NYSL General Rules.


10.4.5                     TREASURER: The prerequisite for assuming the position of treasurer is that the person elected be "bonded" at league expense. The treasurer shall collect all the money due the organization and deposit such funds in the organization's account. He/she shall pay, upon approval of and in a manner designated by the operating committee, all bills owed by the organization. He/she shall submit a report of financial standing at each regular meeting, or at any time that such a report is asked for by the Operating Committee.


10.4.6                    DIVISION DIRECTORS: There shall be one director elected for each gender/age playing division by the voting membership of that division. These Division Directors shall be elected for a two-year term under the following guidelines:


Odd Year Elections

Even Year Elections

Instructional Under 5

Recreational Under 10

Instructional Under 6

Recreational Under 12

Instructional Under 7

Recreational Under 14

Instructional Under 8

Recreational Under 19


                                    In the event age divisions are combined due to a limited number of applicants, election years will be based upon the oldest age group of the combined age divisions.


                                    Each director will serve on the Operating Committee and be responsible to the Operating Committee for the functions of his/her division. These functions shall include, but not necessarily be limited to communications with each team within the Division, placement of head coaches, assistant coaches and assignment of players, re‑scheduling of games and other responsibilities that, from time to time, may be required by the Operating Committee.


10.4.7                     DIRECTOR OF OFFICIATING: The Director of Officiating shall be elected   by the voting membership in even years for a two year term and shall maintain a close liaison with and be generally responsible for the development and welfare of the referees within the framework of the organization's rules and regulations. He/she shall oversee the scheduling of referees for each league game. He/she may appoint a paid scheduler as needed. The Director of Officials shall serve on the Operating Committee.



10.4.8                     DIRECTOR OF PURCHASING: The Director of Purchasing shall be elected by the votingmembership in even years for a term of two years and shall serve on the Operating Committee and shall be  responsible to the Operating Committee for obtaining competitive price information on those items which the organization may desire to purchase. He/she shall, at the direction of the Operating Committee, purchase those items that it deems necessary.  After purchasing any items, the Director of Purchasing shall be responsible for delivery, acceptance and final distribution of the item as may be normal or otherwise directed by the Operating Committee.


10.4.9                     DIRECTOR OF FIELDS: The Director of Fields shall be elected by the voting membership in even years for a term of two years and shall serve on the Operating Committee and shall be responsible to the Operating Committee for obtaining and maintenance of any and all playing fields which the organization may require in fulfillment of its goals and purposes, and will be elected by the voting membership.


10.4.10                     DIRECTOR OF INDOOR: The Director of Indoor shall be elected by the voting membership in odd years for a term of two years.  The director will serve on the Operating Committee and be responsible to the Operating Committee for all functions related to indoor soccer. These functions shall include, but not necessarily be limited to communicating with the indoor facility to reserve team slots, communications with indoor program participants, placement of head coaches, assistant coaches and assignment of players, handing out equipment, re‑scheduling of games and other responsibilities that, from time to time, may be required by the Operating Committee.



10.4.11                  ELECTION/LENGTH OF SERVICE: A Vice-Chairperson shall be elected every year. The Vice-Chairperson shall serve one year as Vice‑Chairperson and ascend to the position of Chairperson and serve for one year as Chairperson.


                                    The Secretary shall be elected during odd numbered years and the Treasurer during even numbered years; both shall serve for two years.


                                    An individual may not be elected to an officer position for a period of more than two years.


                                    The maximum length of continuous service in any combination of officer positions shall be (5) five years. He/she may be elected to additional officer positions only after a hiatus of service of one fiscal year for each (5) five continuous years as an officer/director.


10.4.12                  EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers, i.e., Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Executive Committee shall have the following distinct functions:


                                    a.          It may resolve any matter of urgency, not requiring the pledging of league funds, which occurs between normally scheduled meetings of the Operating Committee.


                                    b.          It may propose compromise regulations to the Operating Committee for any matter not capable of resolution by the Operating Committee at the conclusion of the meeting at which it was discussed.


                                    c.          It shall function as a nominating committee for the Operating Committee in the event of a vacancy in any position on the Operating Committee for which the election will be held.


10.4.13                  No single team may have more than one representative nominated or elected to any of the offices that serve on the Executive Committee.


10.4.14                  DIRECTOR OF REGISTRATION (REGISTRAR): This Director shall be elected by the Voting Membership in odd years for a two year term as a member of the Operating Committee. This Director shall be responsible for the fall and spring registration of players. This Director shall chair the Membership/Applications Standing Committee.


10.4.15                  DIRECTOR OF COACHING: This Director shall be elected by the Voting Membership in odd years for a two year term as a member of the Operating Committee. This Director shall be responsible for the training of coaches. Additionally, he/she shall represent the interests of coaches in the Operating Committee. The Director of Coaching shall be responsible to the Operating Committee for obtaining the completed and approved coaching application from each Division Director prior to the first game of the season.


10.4.16                  DIRECTOR OF PUBLICITY: This Director shall be elected by the Voting Membership in odd years for a two year term as a member of the Operating Committee. This Director shall be responsible for keeping league standings, communicating standings to the media, publishing the newsletter, chairing the Publicity and Promotions Standing Committee and coordinating all league advertising.


10.4.17                  IMMEDIATE PAST CHAIRMAN: The previous year's Chairman will remain on the Operating Committee as a non‑voting advisor. In this capacity, he/she will act as counsel and advisor to the Operating Committee. At the discretion of the Chairman and the Operating Committee, the Immediate Past Chairman may be appointed to chair ad hoc committees that may be established per these By‑Laws.


10.4.18                   DIRECTOR OF TRAVEL: The Director of Travel shall be elected by the voting membership in even years for a term of two years.  The director will serve on the Operating Committee and be responsible to the Operating Committee for all functions related to travel soccer. These functions shall include, but not necessarily be limited to reserving team slots with the governing league in which teams participate, reserving facilities, communications with travel program participants, placement and assignment of players, distribution of equipment, scheduling of games and other responsibilities that, from time to time, may be required by the Operating Committee.

10.4.19                   DIRECTOR AT-LARGE.  The Director At-Large shall be elected by the voting membership every year for a one year term.  No more than four Director At-Large positions will be filled during the league year.  Each director will serve on the Operating Committee and be responsible to assist the Operating Committee to fulfill its goals and purposes.  Additionally, he/she may be asked to chair any ad hoc committees established within these By-Laws.

10.4.20                   ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF TRAVEL: The Assistant Director of Travel shall be elected by the voting membership in odd years for a term of two years.  The assistant director will serve on the Operating Committee and assist the Director of Travel for all functions related to travel soccer. 



10.5              ARTICLE V - MEETING


10.5.1                     The Chairperson shall be required to call at least two general meetings of the voting membership each year. One meeting will be scheduled at the beginning of each season.


                                      NOTE:  The annual meeting for the purpose of electing a new slate of officers and Operating Committee shall be held during May or June. The term of office shall be from July 1st through June 30th, or completion of the Spring season.


10.5.2                     The Chairperson may call additional special voting membership meetings as the need arises.


10.5.3                     The Chairperson shall be required to call a special voting membership meeting within 15 days after ten or more voting members request such a meeting.


10.5.4                     The Chairperson may call Operating Committee meetings as the need arises. Normally, the Operating Committee shall meet once each month, during normal playing seasons.


10.5.5                     The Chairperson shall be required to call an Operating Committee meeting when three or more members of the Operating Committee request such a meeting. Said meeting must occur within 10 days of the request.


10.5.6                     During all meetings, the Roberts Rules of Order (Revised) shall resolve all questions pertaining to parliamentary procedure.


10.5.7                     Twenty-five (25) voting members or 50% of the total voting membership, whichever is lesser, shall constitute a quorum at all regular or special voting membership meetings for the transaction of business for the organization, providing that notice of the meeting has been published.





10.6.1                     The Operating Committee shall be the governing body of this organization. It shall have full power to transact all business for the organization that fall within the scope and purchase of the organization unless otherwise noted.


10.6.2                     All communications sent to the organization shall be presented in writing to the Secretary who in turn shall present them to the Operating Committee.


10.6.3                     The Operating Committee shall consist of not less than seven members. These members shall be the officers and directors of this organization that are described in Article IV of these By‑Laws.


10.6.4                     51% of all members of the Operating Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.


10.6.5                     The officers of the organization shall also be officers of the Operating Committee.


10.6.6                     If for any cause there shall be a vacancy in any of the offices of the organization, the Operating Committee shall, by nomination and election, fill each vacancy for the remaining term.


10.6.7                     Neither the Executive Committee, nor any officer, shall have the power to incur any obligation on behalf of the organization, without prior approval of the majority of the Operating Committee.


                              No obligation shall be incurred which is in excess of:


  A.       The total assets then held by the Treasurer and not otherwise         pledged or required.

  B.       In excess of the annual budget as approved by the voting membership.


10.6.8                    Operating Committee members shall have the right to vote on all matters presented to the Operating Committee under these By‑Laws. Those members entitled to vote shall do so in person or through an individual to act as proxy. A single Operating Committee member shall have only one (1) vote, regardless of the number of Operating Committee positions simultaneously held.





10.7.1                    Each year, the Chairperson of the organization shall, soon after ascending to office, appoint no fewer than two (2) members of the organization to serve on any or all of the following standing committees. These appointments shall be confirmed by the Operating Committee:


A.       Membership/Applications

B.       Game Schedules

C.       Publicity and Promotions

D.       Finance and Insurance

E.        Disciplinary Committee

F.        General Rules/Playing Rules

G.       Playing Fields

H.       Equipment/Inventory Control

I.         Referees and Safety



10.7.2                     All standing committees shall work under the direction of the Operating Committee.


10.7.3                     The Chairperson shall appoint additional committees, as he/she deems necessary.



10.8             ARTICLE VIII - ELECTIONS


10.8.1                     At the meeting prior to the annual meeting of the voting membership, the Nominating Committee shall present to the membership a slate of candidates for office. Additional Nominations may be made from the floor.

NOTE:  The Nominating Committee shall consist of at least three (3) members appointed by the Chairperson.


10.8.2                     The secretary shall prepare a ballot containing the names of all of those individuals nominated plus sufficient blank spaces for write‑in candidates. This ballot shall be submitted to the voting membership at the annual meeting.


10.8.3                     At the annual meeting, one ballot will be handed to each voting member for the purpose of voting.





10.9.1                     The By-Laws may be amended at any duly called meeting of the organization, by a 2/3 majority of the voting membership present at a general meeting, provided that any and all changes to be voted upon have been delivered, in writing, to each voting member.


10.9.2                     Proposed amendments to these By-Laws, when signed by at least six (6) Voting Members, may be submitted in writing to the Secretary. The Chairperson shall cause such proposed amendments to be voted upon at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the voting membership.





10.10.1                  All incoming money shall go to the Treasurer for prompt deposit in the organization's account or accounts.


10.10.2                  All checks, drafts, or other orders for payment issued for payment in the name of the organization must be signed by two members of the Executive Committee; preferably, one of the signatures will be that of the Treasurer.


10.10.3                  The Treasurer shall establish a Long Term Asset Account that shall be used for Non‑Operating Capital purchases such as Storage Buildings, Playing Fields, etc. This account shall have set aside, as a minimum, 3% per year of the Income received from all registration receipts for that Fiscal Year. Withdrawals/Purchases from this Long Term Asset Account must have the approval of at least 2/3 of all NYSL coaches assigned at the time the vote is taken.


10.10.4                  The fiscal year of the League, for both budgeting and accounting purposes, shall begin on July 1st and extend through the following 30th day of June.


10.10.5               Disclosure and Voting Requirements. Any possible conflict of interest on the part of any Director or Officer shall be disclosed in writing to the Board and made a matter of record through an annual procedure. In addition, the Director of Officer shall disclose any conflict of interest when a specific issue or transaction comes before the Board. Where the transaction involving a board member, trustee or officer exceeds five hundred dollars ($500) but is less than five thousand dollars ($5,000) in a fiscal year, a two-thirds vote approving the transaction is required. Where the transaction involved exceeds five thousand dollars ($5,000) in a fiscal year, a two-thirds vote approving the transaction and publication of a legal notice in the required newspaper is mandatory, together with written notice to the Charitable Trusts Unit. The minutes of the meeting shall reflect that a disclosure was made; that the interested Director and all other Directors with a pecuniary transaction with the charity during the fiscal year were absent during both the discussion and the voting on the transaction. Every new member of the Board will be advised of this policy upon entering the duties of his or her office and shall sign a statement acknowledging understanding of and agreement to this policy. The Board will comply with all requirements of New Hampshire law dealing with pecuniary benefit transactions (RSA 7:19-a and RSA 292: 6-a) and all such laws are incorporated in full into and made a part of this policy statement. These requirements include, but are not limited to, an absolute prohibition on any loans to any director or, and prohibition of any sale or lease (for a term greater than five years) or conveyance of real estate from or to an officer or director without the prior approval of the probate court. These requirements extend to both direct and indirect financial interests, as defined by the statutes.



10.11            ARTICLE XI - COACHES


10.11.1                  Applicants for coach must espouse and emulate the philosophy of this organization as stated in ARTICLE II - PURPOSE, Sections 1,2 and 3. Coaches are required to read and sign a copy of the NYSL Coaches Code of Ethics and complete a background check as part of the application process.


10.11.2                  Whenever possible, one experienced coach will be assigned to each team. Coaches serve at the discretion of the Nashua Youth Soccer League.


10.11.3                  The organization's philosophy is to assign the coach with his/her child, if so desired by the coach.


10.11.4                  Assignment to position of Head Coach does not require that the coach have a child playing on that team or in the league.


10.11.5                  In the Instructional Divisions, coaching positions will be assigned based on soccer experience, with priority given to applicants that have prior soccer skills. Said experience will be subject to evaluation by the Operating Committee or the Division Director.


10.11.6                  Pursuant to Article IV, Section 10.4.6, all coaches must complete and provide to their respective Division Director the NYSL Coaches Application Form and background check prior to their being given a team assignment each season.





10.12.1                  When the number of applicants received by the NYSL Director of Registration warrants, the following age divisions will be formed as Playing Divisions:

                                                             Under 19 (Ages 16-18)

                                                             Under 16 (Ages 14-15)

                                                             Under 14 (Ages 12-13)

                                                             Under 12 (Ages 10-11)

                                                             Under 10 (Ages 8-9)





10.13.1                  Separate instructional divisions comprised of both boys and girls up to the age of 8 years will be formed to provide a more instructional environment for youths wanting to learn the basic skills of soccer.

                                                             Under 8 (Age 7)

                                                             Under 7 (Age 6)

                                                             Under 6





10.14.1                  For indoor soccer, divisional breakdowns follow the age divisions and placement rules established by the indoor facility.



10.15              Article XV – TRAVEL DIVISION

10.15.1                   For Travel Soccer, the Operating Committee will establish the formation of specific gender and age divisions.  The Travel divisions shall organize its teams within the guidelines of the league in which they participate.

10.15.2                   The Operating Committee will establish the fees to be assessed and determine the operating budget.

10.15.3                   The Operating Committee will oversee the appointment of coaches, trainers and senior team officials.




                                    These Rules contain revisions approved by Team Coaches in April 1984, April 1985, December 1985, October 1988, May 1991 and May 1993, February 1996, March 1997, March 1998 June 2001, and June 2009.


11.1                          EXCEPTIONS


                                    Any exceptions to any and all rules can only be made with special permission of the Operating Committee.


11.2                         ELIGIBILITY FOR PLAYERS

                                    The eligibility for playing in a division shall be the applicant's age as of October 1st of the year that the player would enter the fall segment of a fall/spring division team assignment.                                  

               All divisions shall be co-educational and follow these ages:

Under 19

Ages 18, 17, 16, 15, 14

Under 14

Ages 13, 12

Under 12

Ages 11, 10

Under 10

Ages 9, 8

Under 8

Age 7

Under 7

Age 6

Under 6

Age 5

Under 5

Age 4


Co-Educational divisions may be separated into Boys/Girls with the approval of the operating committee.                               

                    Players participating in indoor soccer during the winter segment would be eligible for the indoor division.                                                                                               



11.3                          DIVISIONAL ASSIGNMENTS


                                    Players will be assigned to the appropriate division by the Director of Registration as stated in Section 11.2, ELIGIBILITY FOR PLAYERS.


                                    Transferring a player outside of his/her age division should only be done when both Division Directors agree that the move is in the best interest of the player and concurrence is obtained from the Executive Committee.


11.4                          ROSTERS


                                    No player shall participate in a league game or practice without being properly registered. Players shall only be considered registered when his/her application is received by the Director of Registration and assigned a player number. No other representative of the league has the authority to accept and/or register a player.



11.5.0                     CONDUCT



11.5.1                     If the referee's report cites violent behavior by a player or coach, either in the red card offense or subsequent to that offense, the Disciplinary Committee must consider further action. Subject to action by the Disciplinary Committee are any violations of a coach of the NYSL Coaches Code of Ethics. In such a case, the Disciplinary Committee will vote to determine if there should be an additional punishment. This may include any of the following:


A.   Additional game(s) suspension

B.   Suspension for the remainder of the season

C.   Suspension for any portion of the following season

D.   Expulsion from the NYSL


         The Disciplinary Committee must deliberate prior to the player or coach participating in any NYSL games. The Division Director will inform the offender of his/her status. The Director will ensure that the Chairperson is informed. The Chairperson will ensure the case is considered within 13 days of the offense.


11.6                          UNUSUAL SITUATIONS


                                    The referee and/or Operating Committee will have authority to decide on proper handling of any unusual situation that is not covered either by the league constitution or these general rules.


11.7                          RULE CHANGES


                                    The Operating Committee will retain the sole right to change, add or delete any special soccer rules, as they see fit, during the season. Notification of any changes must be given in writing to each coach, one week prior to institution of the change.


11.8                          PRACTICES


                                    A maximum of 3 practices per week will be allowed before the season starts. Total time per week is not to exceed 4 hours and 30 minutes. The total amount of preseason practice allowed is 15 hours. Once the season has started, there may be a maximum of 2 practices per week, not to exceed 3 hours of practice per week.


11.9                          PERIODIC TEAM RESPONSIBILITIES


Teams having the first game of the day shall:


A.      Set up the nets, as assigned

B.      Line the fields if not specified as setting up the nets.

C.      Where lining is not required, each team shall set up one net)


                    Teams having the last game of the day shall:


A.      Take down the nets, as assigned

B.      Pick up any and all trash littering the field, if not the team taking down nets


11.10                       ON-GOING TEAM RESPONSIBILITIES

                    Each team is responsible for removing from the field any and all trash which it creates. Each team is responsible for observing the parking rules and other special rules of any field on which they play or practice.







Appendix A


All amendments to the bylaws should be documented below. Changes must include the date when the voting members approved the change, the section where the change was made, and a description of the change. 


Date Section Description of Change
6/16/2009 10,11 Removed playing rule content that was redundant with the separate playing rules document. Added wording for the background check. Fixed the wording for the instructional divisions to be consistent with organization operation.
2/16/2012 10,11 Remove the restrictions that all Playing Divisions (U10-U19) are required to be gender based.
1/19/2013 10.4.10, 10.14. 11.2 Establish the indoor division
8/23/2016 10.4.18; 10.4.19 Establish Director At Large and Director of Travel.
10.15; 10.15.1; 10.15.2; 10.15.3 Establish the Travel Division
7/1/2017 10.4.20 Establish Assistant Director of Travel
8/25/2020 10.10.5 Codify Conflict of Interest provisions
6/7/2022 10.4.6; 11.2 Establish U5 Director, Removed Boys/Girls Directors and replaced with Co-Ed. All divisions are primarly Co-Ed.