The Nashua Youth Soccer League (NYSL) is a recreational, non-profit, volunteer organization that teaches basic soccer skills to children between the ages of 5 and 19 years old. It has been serving the Nashua area 40 years!

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Indoor soccer with NYSL 101:

  • NYSL does not run or manage indoor soccer directly. Tyngsboro Sports Center (TSC) creates all rules, regulations, and schedules for indoor soccer. NYSL collects registrations and creates teams to play at TSC.
  • TSC will offers 2 seven-week sessions of indoor soccer.
    • Session 1: November / December (between Halloween and Christmas)
    • Session 2: January / February (between New Year's Day and President's Day)
  • Cost $100 per session
    • NYSL collects this fee at time of registration
      • If we cannot place you on a team of solely NYSL players, NYSL will place you as a Free Agent, TSC will find you a team, or NYSL will provide a refund.
    • This fee gets your child a spot on a team.
    • TSC charges a $15 membership fee each year. You will pay this once and you will pay this directly to TSC.
  • Teams
    • NYSL creates and registers team with TSC. This allows NYSL players to play together.
    • NYSL makes every attempt to register teams in the proper division to ensure teams are competitive.
  • Apparel
    • Shin guards are required
    • Cleats can be worn, standard outdoor cleats are acceptable. No metal spikes.
    • NYSL uniforms are typically worn by teams
  • What to expect:
    • Indoor is played on turf
    • There are no practices, you play one 1-hour game per week, mostly on Saturday or Sunday.
    • Indoor soccer is fast paced, much faster than traditional outdoor.
    • Many of the teams that participate at TSC are seasoned team that have been together for many seasons.
    • The level of recreational competition at TSC is higher than NYSL Recreational.
    • Players should be ready for a fast-paced game with the possibility of having high scores or lopsided games.

Check out TSC's website for more information

Email with further questions.